Spoils Looted

Picking up where we left off last week, we looted spoils tonight. Once we had the teams sorted it was a walk in the park. Including disconnects and other acts of God, it took us about 22 tries total to open the coffer. On to Thok the Bloodthirsty.

View the combat logs here:
Warcraft Logs
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Nazgrim and Malkorok heroic down

Since the last post we killed 2 new heroics. I didn’t post a Nazgrim killshot because, well, he died in 8 pulls. Not worth a lot of mentioning. Today however we killed Malkorok heroic. I’d say that’s worth mentioning.

With close to 70 wipes we’ve had more than one 1% wipe. As infuriating as that is it only made us want to kill him more. And we succeeded tonight. We nailed it with cooldowns, smashes, pools and tank soaking. The killshot is pretty cool too. He died while killing us!

Excellent performance by everyone!


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Sha, Juggers and Shamans down + recruiting

This week we decided to kill some new heroics. So there we go, 3 new heroic kills in one week. Close to a fourth, we’ll be working on Nahzgrim and beyond next. This brings us to 7/14 Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar.

Recruiting exceptional players

In an effort to extend our current raiding schedule from two to three nights we’re looking for players who have experience with heroic Siege and are ready to step right into heroic progression raids. That means a minimum iLvl of 565 to avoid any gearing up before stepping into heroics, as this is our main focus.

We are looking for ALL exceptional players: healers, tanks and dps. Think you got what it takes? Go ahead and apply now.
Click here to apply

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Heroic Norushen Down

From standing still for a month to killing three new heroic bosses in one week. There’s no doubt about it, we’re on a roll! And we’re not gonna stop. You’ve been warned. Expect more facerolling. This brings us to 3/14 HC SoO.

In the meantime we’re still recruiting raiders and socials.


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Heroic Immerseus and Protectors Down

Being the first guild on the realm to defeat Garrosh on normal we were pumped to get started on heroic Siege. Siege had the same idea about us, and walked over us for several fluke wipe nights.

We took a small step back, regrouped and came back in full force. The first pull of the night gave us the Heroic kill of Immerseus! Now was that really so hard? No, it was a walk in the park.

For as long as I can remember we’ve had this strange thing about us, call it black magic, voodoo or jinxing, we always kill a boss on the first pull or on the last pull of the night. This time we did both! Immereus on the first pull and Protectors on the last pull of the night.

Thank you all for a fantastic night and effort. Now get ready for more Heroic kills.

Until the next kill.


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