Heroic Immerseus and Protectors Down

Being the first guild on the realm to defeat Garrosh on normal we were pumped to get started on heroic Siege. Siege had the same idea about us, and walked over us for several fluke wipe nights.

We took a small step back, regrouped and came back in full force. The first pull of the night gave us the Heroic kill of Immerseus! Now was that really so hard? No, it was a walk in the park.

For as long as I can remember we’ve had this strange thing about us, call it black magic, voodoo or jinxing, we always kill a boss on the first pull or on the last pull of the night. This time we did both! Immereus on the first pull and Protectors on the last pull of the night.

Thank you all for a fantastic night and effort. Now get ready for more Heroic kills.

Until the next kill.


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